Friday, August 06, 2010

More Poetry by Me

Here's three more poems for my lovely readers. Enjoy!

The Beginning
Can I get to know you?

I said if you show me respect
You have to treat me good
I won’t settle for less
And no you can’t be average
Man you have to be the best
Have a personality
That separates you from the rest
I’ve experienced the lames
And I’m done playin’ their games
I used to be a damn pimp
Wastin’ time on these wimps
Now I’m ready to settle down
When I finally find my king
He’ll be sure to get his crown

Sometimes when I don’t have anything to write about

I grab my pen and paper and I just let my frustrations out
I have so much animosity you couldn’t even grasp it
The Bible’s one of the only things that’s been able to get me past it
The people surrounding me are so full of bullshit
They live ass backwards and I don’t know what to make of it
I try to give them advice but all they do is belittle me
They say they wanna see me shine
But secretly wish to get rid of me
So I stay on my grind regardless of if they feelin’ me
I bear the mindset of a hustler
While they have mentality of busters
They’re like crabs in a fuckin’ bucket
And they’re content with how they're livin’
Me, I can’t stay in the same state
It’s something called ambition
You should try it.

Don’t say “aww” when you read this

I’m not your charity case
Please try not to piss me off
Just for humanity’s sake
I’ve written two suicide letters
Both dedicated to a special person
I had to let it go
I realized he wasn’t worth it
I try not to let it run me into the ground
I used to be timid and depressed
Sit back and take a look at me now
I don’t know how you feel
But you should be very proud
I haven’t brought you too many problems
I just backed out and shut down
And when I say shut down
I mean shut EVERYBODY out
And people suggested that I let you go
Whenever I heard your alias I got a lump in my throat
But what do they know?
They just want me to be unhappy
When all along it was you draining the joy from me daddy
What can I say? I was naïve
I don’t waste too many tears on it now
I don’t feel it’s worth it anymore
I don’t wanna end my life.
There’s too much left to explore
I love you dearly and
I really wish you the best
So let's cherish the good times
And forget aout the rest.

I hope at least one of them whispered to each of your hearts. ♥

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