Sunday, August 15, 2010

Get to Know Me

Hey friends!
I decided to make this post because I don't feel like my readers really KNOW me!! I have a serious issue with that! I've posted these random facts on my Facebook and Twitter pages and NOW I'm giving them to you! Since you are the last to get them, I tossed in a few random facts that the other sites just didn't get! Hopefully, reading this post will help my readers get to know me a little more...Enjoy!

Random Fact Numero Uno:
I was, and STILL AM a Bernie Mac fan. ♥
Random Fact #2:
I love men. Period. Black, white, Persian, Jamaican, African, Amerindian, Japanese, Pilipino, Thai, Italian, Irish, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Russian, Dominican, Mexican, Czech, Polish, Cuban, Walloon and anyone else…in no particular order! ♥
Random Fact #3:
I love learning, and I love to read. I’ve been reading since I was 3 years old. I was reading medical terminology books back then. I’m a nerd. I used to be offended when people called me a nerd, now I call myself one. I seat myself in the front row, always ask questions, complete extra credit when I already have an “A” in the class, and read ahead. ♥
I read the dictionary for leisure.
Random Fact #5:
I love music. A lot of people say it. Few people mean it. You can’t make a statement like “I love music” if you only like one genre of music. Period. I hate to ATTEMPT to have a conversation with some that I THINK appreciates music, and what it does, as much as I do. A simpleminded dipwad that’ll claim ...they love music, but hates rap, country, or rock. You don’t love music, you like a genre. ♥
Random #6:
I’m brutally honest. Nonchalantly. Blunt. Straight up no chaser. Bland, tart, no sugar coating babes. ♥
No. 7:
I hate condiments. All of ‘em suck. I hate condiments. All of ‘em suck. ♥
Eight is great!:
I hate water and milk. Taste like liquid buttcrack. ♥
Numerooooo 9:
I’m a very nurturing person. I love helping other people. It warms my soul with joy, love, comfort, purpose & satisfaction. ♥
I laugh all of the time, and I love it…I’m always laughing. ♥
I’m as sweet as a chocolate bar covered with icing, gummy bears, honey and sprinkles...until you piss me off. Press the wrong buttons and I make those chicas from ALL 5 seasons of the Bad Girls Club look like a buncha soft, scary, candy apple ass pansies… ’cept Tanisha, Hanna, Tiffany, and Flo. I like them :). ♥
12 is swell...don't cha think?
I hate insects (with the exception of lightening bugs and grasshoppers) & rodents. Makes my skin crawl just thinkin’ about ‘em. ‘Uck! ♥
I pray every morning, every night, and before I eat ANYTHING…even if it’s a bag of potato chips or a piece of gum. ♥
Random Fact 14:
I used to write lyrics. I began writing them at the age of thirteen. My mother said that they were way too violent, so I started writing poetry, in an attempt to tone it down a bit. ♥
Random Fact 15:
like things extremely organized and planned out. I often compose daily itineraries, and if I’m one second behind on any task I set out for myself, I get PISSED off...which is absolutely ridiculous. ♥
Random 16:
I have an extremely sensitive conscience. I always feel bad about something I said or did to someone, while others congratulate me for doing or saying it, or laugh hysterically at that person....BUT even if I know I'll feel bad later about saying something, if it's the truth, I STILL say it. ♥
No. 17:
I used to be a MAJOR tomboy…I’m learning to be a girl now though…slowly but surely. ♥
Fact # eighteen is great thing:
I can’t draw worth crap…unless it’s stick figures. I’m a beast when it comes to those stick figures boy!! I can draw stick figure families, stick figure parade, stick figure carnival, stick figure shopping district, basically anything stick figure. ♥
Fact # 19
I make up random songs, but I can't sing. I can make a song out of any one word, like right now I'm singing: "MunichiWA nichiWA! Can you tell me what you got? No you can't! Oh no you can't!" (I'm not even sure if "munichiwa" or "nichiwa" are actual words, but whatever, it's me!) It's what I do all day long. ♥
Fact No. 20
I love to make concuctions! I always it edible or inedible food concuctions, hair concuctions (I love those), skin concuctions, toe fungus, whatever the case may be (the last one was a joke) ! ♥
Random Fact # 21:
I am a Christian and proud to SAY SO!!! I love Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and I'm proud to say it out loud!!!!!

Well, those are 21 Random Facts for ya! Hope you enjoyed yourself on this wild and random rollercoaster ride! I hope to get on many more with you all in the future! May you all enjoy your very God blessed night!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

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