Friday, August 11, 2006


I have tried to set up my blog, so that any and everyone can comment on any and everything. I do not mind you putting your two cents in, but rude comments will not be tolerated. I will delete them faster than you can write them. Aside from that, if you have anything to say as far as suggestions, tips on maintenance, or just want to make it known that you viewed my blog, feel free to do so. Thanks. Lauren.

Friday, June 23, 2006

General Information

Hey! My name is Lauren (you've probably noticed). I am a Leo. I am a virgin. I am an extreme goody goody two shoes! I love Pepsi. When I drink it, I get really crazy. I love Monsters. When I drink them, I get psychotic, straight-jacket, like off of a Pepsi times ten!!The equivalent of me having a Pepsi or Monster in my system, is someone drinking Patron or Grey Goose! I do not drink or smoke. I love dogs. I love animals in general. I do not like insects, bugs, or rodents,though. I am very intelligent. I am very focused on my academics. Sometimes, I may get a little too focused. My career path? I currently attend The Ohio State University (Scarlet and Gray!!). I am a freshman and PSL Scholar, double majoring in Criminal Justice and Political Science, with a Spanish minor. I hope to become a very successful and accomplished attorney who practices both criminal and corporate law, at her own law firm. This blog post will develop as I develop! God Bless!

Likes and Dislikes

My Likes
I like a lot of things! These things include: Animals (All Kinds), Pepsi, Monsters, Men, Laughing (I love to laugh!), Ice Cream (Chocolate & Vanilla), Pizza, French fries, Seafood, Learning, Movies (Action, Suspense & Comedy), Money, Music (All Kinds), Reading, Trucks (Yukons, Lexuses, Ford F350s, Chevy S10s, Titans), Dacquiris & Margaritas (Non-alcoholic, of course!) There are a lot of other things I like, but I'll stop here for right now!

My Dislikes
Some things I just can't stand, ya know!? These things include: Heights, Violence, Lies (and liars), Grades below an "A-", Bull...crap, The smell of smoke, Germs (I'm a bit on the germaphobic side), imperfections (I'm also a bit on the obsessive-compulsive side), getting sick, arguing, bugs/insects, rodents, condiments (eww gross!).