Friday, June 23, 2006

Likes and Dislikes

My Likes
I like a lot of things! These things include: Animals (All Kinds), Pepsi, Monsters, Men, Laughing (I love to laugh!), Ice Cream (Chocolate & Vanilla), Pizza, French fries, Seafood, Learning, Movies (Action, Suspense & Comedy), Money, Music (All Kinds), Reading, Trucks (Yukons, Lexuses, Ford F350s, Chevy S10s, Titans), Dacquiris & Margaritas (Non-alcoholic, of course!) There are a lot of other things I like, but I'll stop here for right now!

My Dislikes
Some things I just can't stand, ya know!? These things include: Heights, Violence, Lies (and liars), Grades below an "A-", Bull...crap, The smell of smoke, Germs (I'm a bit on the germaphobic side), imperfections (I'm also a bit on the obsessive-compulsive side), getting sick, arguing, bugs/insects, rodents, condiments (eww gross!).

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