Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Self-Esteem, Part 2

Part 2: This portion of the Self-Esteem Series was inspired by a few of my male Facebook and Twitter friends. Whether or not men realize it, or want to accept it, they can, and often do, affect a woman’s self-esteem…especially when the ladies are young. Women, being emotional, and sensitive creatures, use outside opinions of ourselves to assist in shaping our self-image. A woman’s self-image is a prominent factor in determining how low or high her self-esteem is. So, let’s construct a scenario with Mary and John.

Mary and John meet in their undergraduate Sociology class…they are assigned to each other as partners for the first major project. Naturally they exchange phone numbers. Johnny Boy invites Mary to his dorm to work on the project…later that night, she requests him as a friend on FB. He accepts the friend request, and a few hours later, makes the following status: “On God, dude…these bitches need to invest in a pedicure! Lmao! S*it is through! Damn man…and if u think I’m talkin bout u I AM.” The status earned 5 “likes”; 4 guys and 1 girl. Mary looks down at her toes to see two of them topped with chipped polish. She’s now embarrassed, and feels to insecure to be around John. On Monday, she requests another partner for the project…leading to another status: “I can’t stand hos man!!! I swear n*gga hos can’t take the truth! Yeah u right u need somebody else on hood doe!” How does Mary feel now? Like she was wrong for requesting another partner, and like she needs a serious personality makeover.

It’s statuses, and tweets, like the above that can alter a girl’s self-esteem, for the worst.

Well, that’s one way. Men in relationships also have the power to lower a woman’s self-esteem. But woman contribute to this method, too. I hate it when a cuffed man says, “I committed to my girl. B*tches fall back, get off my dick, etc.”...I hate it EVEN MORE when his girlfriend thinks it’s cute! What!? You don’t realize that when y’all are over, he’s going to say the same thing to you??? And why would you want your dude calling a fellow female out of her name like that? Ewww! Bums man, I swear, lol.

Men…stop talking about ladies and calling them out their name. Ladies…the same. When men do it, it just makes them look disrespectful, corny, and just plain whack. But when the ladies do it, it makes them look :) Happy reading and God bless!