Friday, June 23, 2006

General Information

Hey! My name is Lauren (you've probably noticed). I am a Leo. I am a virgin. I am an extreme goody goody two shoes! I love Pepsi. When I drink it, I get really crazy. I love Monsters. When I drink them, I get psychotic, straight-jacket, like off of a Pepsi times ten!!The equivalent of me having a Pepsi or Monster in my system, is someone drinking Patron or Grey Goose! I do not drink or smoke. I love dogs. I love animals in general. I do not like insects, bugs, or rodents,though. I am very intelligent. I am very focused on my academics. Sometimes, I may get a little too focused. My career path? I currently attend The Ohio State University (Scarlet and Gray!!). I am a freshman and PSL Scholar, double majoring in Criminal Justice and Political Science, with a Spanish minor. I hope to become a very successful and accomplished attorney who practices both criminal and corporate law, at her own law firm. This blog post will develop as I develop! God Bless!

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